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Monday, April 4, 2011

Naruto Temari Cosplay

The eldest of the 3 Sand Siblings (one of them being Gaara), Temari is the peace lover who wishes her home village, Sunagakure, would be at peace with Konohagakure Village. She is gifted in terms of determining her opponent’s strategies and weaknesses as soon as the battle begins. Temari wields a giant iron fan to create powerful winds capable of leveling landscapes.

This cosplayer looks a little young. She reminds me of Souseiseki, but I don’t think she belongs in the Chibi Category. Most cosplayers use large fans made of paper or cloth, like this one, but I would love to see a huge iron fan just for the heck of it.

How to Cosplay Naruto Temari

1.Dye your hair dark blond if it isn't already that color.

2.Cut or grow your hair about a centimeter below your shoulders and get bangs that just brush your eyebrows and part in the middle.
3.Take your hair and make two high pony tails in the back of your head. Next, make two more lower ponytails underneath the first. Take a brush or comb and use gel to brush up (tease) each ponytail (toward the roots). This will give them that "spiked" look. Make sure your end result looks like the bristles on a broom. Make it as dry and brittle as possible.

4.Wear white/light pink/light purple shirts and skirts with a red scarf as a belt.
5.Get some teal contacts if your eyes aren't already blue/teal, and if you can afford them. 6.Get a giant fan, or make one yourself. Paint three purple circles on the fan, and shout names of Wind-style jutsu as you wave it. Make sure to call these purple circles "moons", no matter what they clearly look like. Watch episodes for some examples (for example, episode 43) (Before Shippuden).

7.Wear fishnet stockings.
8.Get a ferret or weasel.

9.If you have two younger brothers be afraid of the youngest but be able to stand up to him sometimes.

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