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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shock! Lavender Flowers

Provence, Lavender Flowers, only drove a season, really are beautiful......
Lavender oil wait for love...... meaning:
Provence  is one of the provinces, the Roman empire PACA, presently for English referred to a region of southeast France and Italy, adjacent to the Mediterranean, borders. By Lyon south from the Alps the flow of Rhone Rhone), in (near provence, then divided into two tributaries into the Mediterranean.
Romantic provence intoxicate lavender flowers
The lavender provence provence is located in southern France, from the date of birth, they carefully kept her secret, until British Peter MEL's arrival, unique provence long life style of the veil was gradually lifted. In MEL pen "provence" is no longer a simple regional name, the more represents a simple 51job, relaxed lazy lifestyle, a division ChongRuBuJing, see before blossom; Accidentally, hope heaven emanates leisurely clouds scud across the artistic conception. If travel is to get rid of life, from the shackles of provence will make you forget everything.
The whole provence area was extremely change and have unusual charm - weather, warm wind vagaries vernal, wild wind, topography ups and downs, plain is broad, the canyon, lonely lherzolite steep, desolate castles, winding mountains and lively metropolis, all in this piece of French earth deduce 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings. Between July and August of lavender, the colour of rich and gaudy windward blossom decorated green valley, slightly spicy aroma mixed with burn fragrant grass coke in southern France, interweave the most unforgettable breath.

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