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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sasuke - Sakura, Special Lovers

sasuke and sakuraOops, wait a minute, Sasuke and Sakura... thats all make us confuse. On my previous post Sakura with Naruto but now.. you could see that she with Sasuke, what is going on?
Or maybe, this is the answer from my question, do you remember that? my question is Who will be the best girl for Naruto, Sakura or Hinata? Ok, we gonna to analyse this complicated relationship.

Since the first time they met on chunnin exam Sakura has been falling in love Sasuke, even she was very happy when she has been choosen on the same team with Sasuke. How about Sasuke?? Sasuke never showed us his truely feeling to Sakura, but I'm sure that Sasuke also has the same feel with Sakura. Sasuke always act cool in front of her and he always wanna be Sakura's hero. When he failed to protect her from Gaara's attack and Naruto succeded to be a Hero after won from Gaara, it seemed that Sasuke got shocked and frustation with his failure.

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