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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Date Released : 21 November 2003
Quality : DVDRip
Distributor : Tartan Films
Written By : Chan Wook Park
Directed By : Chan Wook Park
Genre : Drama | Mystery | Thriller | Suspense
Starring : Min-sik Choi, Ji-tae Yu, Gang Hye-jeong, Yoo Ji-tae

Download File : Indowebster [700MB-avi]
Subtitle : Indonesia | English

An ordinary man named Oh Dae-su, who lives with his wife and adorable daughter, is kidnapped and later wakes up to find himself in a private makeshift prison. Dae-su makes numerous attempts to escape and to commit suicide, but they all end up in failure. All the while Dae-su asks himself what made a man hate him so much enough to imprison him without any reason. While suffering from his debacle, Dae-su becomes shocked when he watches the news and hears that his beloved wife was brutally murdered. At this very moment, Dae-su swears to take revenge on the man who destroyed his happy life. Fifteen years later Dae-su is released with a wallet filled with money and a mobile phone. An unknown man calls Dae-su and asks him to figure out why he was imprisoned.

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