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Monday, March 7, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 528 More Than Dull

Naruto Manga Chapter 528 More Than Dull
Now even Darui's soul got trapped by Kin and Gin brothers. Darui didn't allow to say the word he has said most throught his life. But if he stay silence for too long he'll still get sucked, very complicated problem. When Darui try to provoked them, he got careless and say word "Dull" unconsciously.
But its like miracle, Darui's taboo word changed when he almost sucked completely into Crimson Gourd. From "Dull" become "sorry", Darui feel pathetic and apologize to everyone, but because of that his life saved. Even he succesfully counter attack Kin and Gin, by using The Seven Star Sword and The Crimson Gourd, he cursed Gin soul and completely sucked him into Crimson Gourd. Now Darui must handle Kinkaku's angry. Kinkaku transform into nine-tailed fox just like Naruto. The battle grow wilder with an unpredictable situation, what will Darui do to beat tailed beast transformation?
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