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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naruto Kankuro Cosplay Costume

You are in the market for a cool cosplay look just like the Kankuro in Naruto? If so, here you will be delighted with the Naruto Kankuro Cosplay Costume presented. To be honest, Kankuro look is so cool and everyone would find it a lot of fun. Whatever, take a look at them first.

Kankuro look get a whole black one and the cat’s ear like hat will really make this look pops out. Get dressed in a black suit-black long sleeved shirt and matching black trousers, which are both themed with simplicity but built figure flattering. You can either portray the Naruto Kankuro with a round print of red and yellow on the front of the shirt or the shippuden Kankuro with white detailing on the shoulders. Here you will seen the both two above. If interested, you can click the picture to get more details about them respectively.

To complete a successful cosplay look, also pay attention to all accessories needed. As to Kankuro look, the Naruto hairband, naruto shoes with toe open, white leggings and a brown belt to define the built body will all team up the vivid look. Also, do not forget the makeup, which would be the finishing touch of fantastic Kankuro look.
Usually, cosplay fun always revolves around costumes, wigs and props. It is a real fun adventure to find or make all needed things and to get dressed up to remake the image of the original role. Whatever, it is you who have experienced the real fun of cosplaying know what that brings from finding the right costumes and wigs to look like someone you really want to be. For me, it is such a fantastic fun and I really enjoy it! The two costumes presented here come from site, which is an online store specialized in offering an amazingly rich collection of inexpensive quality cosplay costumes and cosplay wigs. You can find more useful information out there if you are searching for some costumes!
Here follow some appreciated pictures of Kankuro cosplayer and hopefully you will get inspired.

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