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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ciel~the Last Autumn Story~ Alternative Name 씨엘~더 라스트 어텀 스토리(Korean meaning:마지막 가을 이야기)~; Ciel~The Last Autumn Story~; Ciel - Der letzte Herbst; Thiên đường; シエル~ラスト・オータム・ストーリー; Ciel~La Ultima Historia de Otoño~
Years of Released 2006
Status Ongoing,
Author(s) Rhim Ju-yeon
Artist(s) Rhim Ju-yeon
Related Scanlators Evil Flowers
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo



With the author's characteristic humour and creativity, the work describes one girl’s fantasy adventure. Yvien Magnolia's beauty widens the small villagers' eyes she is living but she never knew what her future would be, since it is destined too high to imagine for her at that time....

As the lord of the manor tries to kidnap her, Yvien flees to Lowood Institution for wizardry and witchcraft she never thought to go leaving behind her family.

In the school, she meets interesting people, like, January Lightsphere who shines purple aura compared to his noble but peculiar family, and Lariatte, an orthodox fighter family's heir, who will be her closest mate.



Ciel: The Last Autumn Story, is a beautiful tale, like a refreshing breeze. The late 19th-century French setting is wonderfully illustrated in an airy and delicate art style.

Yvienne Magnolia, a country lass, attracts the eye of a local count's son. To save herself from being kidnapped, she decides to flee from her hometown. Before she can do that, she is invited to join a school for young witches (and wizards). So her mother packs her off to Lowood Magic School.

In this world, witches are much more powerful than wizards. And they are paired up with a life-long partner witch. Thus we follow the story of Miss Magnolia and her partner, Lariatte, and their life inside and outside of school.

Despite the fact that witches hold the power here, there are lots of important male characters. All of the characters are very interesting, and show a lot of depth. Of course, there's Yvienne, who looks like a sweet innocent girl. But she freely uses her beauty and feminine charm to manipulate the gentlemen. Larriatte is a cold, lonely, impassive girl. The one everyone avoids. There's also January, the self-depreciating young lord (he's my personal favorite). The enigmatic and powerful Daughter (that really is his name). The scary, oddball teacher Krohiten.

Ladies rule the roost here, which is a fun element. And they are capable characters, rather than weak or overbearing stereotypes. And they wear wonderfully elegant and trim uniforms. There is a very light tone of shoujo-ai. Very light, I say; I don't think there's enough to scare away anyone who doesn't like it.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, Ciel is a delightful shoujo series, that keeps getting better and better as it continues.

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