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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wolverine Anime Episode List

Title : Wolverine
Category : TV
Total Episodes : 12 [Completed]
Genres : Action
Release Date : 2011-01-07
Studio : Madhouse Production
Official Site :

Codec : x264
Bitrate : 300

Episode 01 : Mediafire | Megaupload | FileServe
Episode 02 : Mediafire | Megaupload | FileServe
Episode 03 : Mediafire | Megaupload | FileServe
Episode 04 : Mediafire | Megaupload | FileServe
Episode 05 : Indowebster
Episode 06 : Mediafire | Megaupload | FileServe
Episode 07 : Mediafire | Megaupload | FileServe
Episode 08 : Episode 08
Episode 09 : Episode 09
Episode 10 : Episode 10
Episode 11-12 : Episode 11-12 Final
While in New York, Logan, better known to others as Wolverine, fell in love with a Japanese woman named Mariko. When she suddenly disappears, Logan comes to Japan in search of her.

Mariko's father, Yashida Shingen, is the head of Kuzuryuu, a yakuza organization. It is in Shingen's mansion that Logan finds Mariko, who had been brought back to Japan against her will. It is Shingen's intention for Mariko to marry an influential person so as to seal a political alliance between that person and Kuzuryuu.

During Logan's attack on Shingen's mansion, in a fight with his bodyguards, Logan is struck by a needle. The needle is coated with a poison which greatly reduces his regenerative abilities. In his weakened state, he is no match for Shingen and is defeated in a duel and left for dead.

Logan is discovered on the verge of death by the mysterious Yukio. With Yukio's ministrations, Logan eventually recovers and the two join together in a second bid to take down Shingen.

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