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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

naruto update :ch.511-517, anime fillers eps ,+other manga

for downloading the manga chapters here

summary of the manga : the war between akatsuki plus kabuto and the 5hidden villages started. in those 8chapters, the author explained the origin of zetsu, the plan of kabuto with madara until to the points of kidnapping yamato, defeated anko and fought with tsuchikage also tremendously reviving all the dead characters (O_o).naruto who still as no slightest idea of what's going on,(oh man ,it made him looks really stupid) still get some lesson from killerbee, gaara gave a nice speech to unite the whole ninja troops and that the latest is, the new fight has began between sai and kankuro 's group with the zombie of deidara and sasori,but they've won it.

anime eps :such worthless fillers about the past,naruto's childhood untold leaf history.its such a waste but i can understand since the anime is too close to the actual manga page.

bleach: after ichigo won from aizen and aizen sent to the special prison to be sentenced for 20k years(as if it will give him any different :P ) ichigo then lost her shinigami power until he said farewell with rukia. the story set after 1.5years later, the hairstyle has change a little bit for almost all characters,except rukia, or other shinigamis.the new suspicious characters came out and so far is totally boring for me.

i started to read one piece,when the story set after 2years later, well still quite ridiculous as always with their power.but i wonder why bleach and one piece follow naruto's type of story with the 'after bla bla years later'.so boring.

and HSD kenichi is the only one that still catch my interest to follow, after along intense fight betwen apachai and aagard,kenichi and kokin,the new thing will be happening soon.cant wait for the next chapter,although for now there is not really reliable scanlation group working on it.

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