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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

naruto shippuden The Jinchuurik of 2 tails - the hidden character of Nii yugito

Nii Yugito and Nibi
The Jinchuuriki
First Manga Appearance: Chapter 312
First Anime Appearance: Episode NA
Hidden Village: Cloud
Rank: Unknown (Probably Jounin)
Bijuu: Two-Tailed Demon Cat
Power: Fiery mouth blasts
Drawbacks: Unknown
Status: Captured and extracted by Akatsuki
Info: Yugito was a kunoichi from Hidden Cloud. Like Gaara and Naruto, she was an active part of her village. She appeared to be in her twenties. She contained the two-tailed cat demon called an ikiryou, or "living ghost". She was defeated in battle by Hidan and Kakuzu. Akatsuki then removed the Nibi from within Yugito, killing her. This table taken from:

History and Myth
The feline is a common species throughout
the world and stories of cat bakemono
(monsters) are popular throughout Japan.
In myth the neko-mata (forked-cat) is
said to be an older cat that has had its
tail split in two. Reportedly large in size,
these cats are said have the ability to
manipulate the dead like puppets and
have been associated with strange
fires and occurrences. This may be
related to the Nibi's ikiryou (living ghost) nickname and fire-breathing abilities.
Jinchuuriki-Bijuu Form
Ikiryou Yugito maintains a high level of control over her Jinchuuriki-bijuu form. With chakra emanating from out of her, she will hunch over and the Nibi demon itself will materialize. Smaller than the similar Shukaku form, the Nibi still proves a threat. In this form Yugito is able to emit fiery spectral blasts from the cat's mouth. These blasts are very destructive and when coupled with the Nibi strength, the surrounding area can be reduced to rubble.

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