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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Naruto Ninja Rank

Academy Students
Here the first step to become pro ninja. Academy students will learn basics and will not assign any mission. They also will take examination to test their physical and mental.


After pass the academy they will become lower rank ninja that called Genin. Also will not assign to perform any mission, if they have to finish any mission just D rank mission. Normally they will assign to do work like labor such as cleaning.

Chuunin rank is a medium ninja rank but hard to attain; the exams happen twice a year. A Genin team must be nominated by their sensei and endure grueling written, physical, and mental exams to prove that he or she has what it takes to be a Chuunin. Ninjas have been killed during the Chuunin finals. When Naruto's team takes the Chuunin exam, only one person attains this title (Shikamaru).


The title Jounin is split into two separate categories. Before you are awarded the full title Jounin, you are, by appointment, a Special Jounin. This is the next rank up from Chuunin and covers everything a Chuunin does, but also includes high-risk missions between other countries, such as: escorting royalty. These missions are much more delicate and dangerous than previous missions. Complete Jounins are assigned to the most dangerous and highest paying missions. These missions can be anything from high-level inter-nation assassinations to delivering and collecting important documents and treaties.


The ANBU is not exactly a rank of a ninja. The ANBU operates as top-level assassins, interrogators, and also hunters of ninja who, for whatever reason, have defected from their village. They are a secretive organization that exists in every village and are under the direct orders of their Kage.

The Sannin is the name of three ninjas with with immense skill. Many times they are as powerful, if not more powerful, than Kages. They usually live away from the village to keep a low profile but are forced to keep in touch with the village every now and then for safety measures. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade are all considered to be the Sannin.

Kage The Kage is the hidden village's respective leader. Kages are ninjas that are among the strongest, if not the strongest ninja in their village. In order to become a Kage, they have to climb the proverbial "ladder" from the Genin rank. Kages are responsible for the protection and well being of their people and all the important the decision making falls on their shoulders. There is a council of elders that they often consult for high-level decisions, but ultimately, the Kage has the final say. A new Kage is hand picked and groomed by the current Kage to take their place.

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