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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bleach Episode 306

Dated Released : January 25th, 2011
Status : Ongoing
Broadcaster : TV Tokyo
Genres : Action | Comedy | Drama | Adventure | Shounen |
Cast members : Masakazu Morita | Fumiko Orikasa | Yuki Matsuoka | Hiroki Yasumoto | Noriaki Sugiyama | Shinichiro Miki
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Kurosaki Ichigo is not a regular 15 year old, because he has always had the ability to see spirits and ghosts. One day, a female Shinigami (God of Death) named Kuchiki Rukia appears before him, hunting for an evil spirit. But during the confrontation, the Shinigami's powers are transfered to Ichigo. Thus begins the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia and their mission to herd Hollows (fallen spirits) as well as confronting other spiritual beings.

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