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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miwako cosplayer

I made this costume quickly for my local convention that my anime club was putting on. I have always loved Paradise Kiss, so cosplaying it was a lot of fun. Miwako is really similar to my own personality, so it felt only natural that I cosplay her.

The design I choose is from Volume 2 of the manga. Because there isn't a colored image of it(or maybe I couldn't find it?) I decided to go with a yellow color way, since it would look cute against the pink hair. I used white heart lace for most of the edges and hems and a yellow gingham print for the bra. The bra was a cheap nude bra from Wal-Mart and I just sewed the gingham and lace onto the cups.

The dress is an altered ...Simplicity..? pattern...? I can't really remember. xD The white sleeves are detachable as well. The wig is Cosworx brand, though I am not sure what style.

Speaking of the one of the reasons I wanted to do this costume was to be able to have the chance to part a wig into ponytails on my own. I bought all the extensions needed and everything else. And I tried...and tried..and well, failed. xD With the deadline(the con in 2008) coming up I just said oh well and left is straight, but still cut the bangs short. I have now learned how to part wigs successfully with another costume though! xD

I actually have this costume up for sale right now, but when I found out I was going to PMX this year, I thought "Hey, I should wear this again and try and get pictures in it!" I actually had a lot of fun wearing this and some people actually recognized me. (Miwako is a little hard to see without her curls or pigtails.)

At this moment though, this version of Miwako is retired and I am still selling it. I do plan to make more of her costumes though! Paradise Kiss is my favorite manga, so I have to! xD
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