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Thursday, November 18, 2010

cosplayer of riyu

This was my boyfriend's first costume, not counting Yuki since he was forced into that for skit purposes. xD He doesn't have his own account, much less the internet at home, so I thought I would showcase his awesomness here. xD

Because we were in a time crunch for the con, Juan only learned a little sewing wise, since I did most of the sewing. He did learn the basics of it all though, so now he feels a little more comfortable with making his own costumes.

As far as the other costumes I have made, this one was soooo easy. xD We found a pattern, altered it to Ryu's costume a little, and done. ^^ It was a nice break from all the other harder costumes.

Other than the costume, I thought Juan really played the part in this cosplay to make it super realistic. Juan LOVES to work out and to fight/box/ and do all that manly stuff, haha, so this cosplay was only fitting. Plus he lovelovelvoessss Street Fighter, of course. He isn’t OMGHUGE like Ryu, but who is? ..that would be creepy, I think. xD
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