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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kumpulan Quotes Kamen Rider


tentunya uda pada gak asing lagi dengan jagoan tokusatsu dari negeri jiran...
eh... negeri sakura ini kan?? Yup... mereka adalah Kamen rider!
Kamen rider banyak sekali macamnya, mulai dari era showa sampai heisei.
namun, tahukah kalian, kalau ada beberapa kamen rider yang identik dengan kutipan2 kalimat yang cukup menarik?

contohnya saja, kamen rider kabuto, yg begitu identk dengan kutipan: "Grandmother always say this...."
dan tentunya, masih banyak lagi kutipan2 terkenal yang khas dari rider2 lainnya....
mau tahu?

so, tunggu apa lagi???

Kamen Rider Den-O

ore sanjou: i'm born
Ikuse!3x: go!go!go!
Boku ni tsumarete Miru ??: May i fish you out ???
Nakerude: Make You Cry
Kotae wa Kitte Nai: I can't hear you

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Obaa chan ga iite ita:
* Walking to the path of heaven , i am the man who will rule everything
* Force the world to revolve around you. It's more fun to think that way.
* People become stronger through adventures.
* When people love others, they grow weaker, though it's nothing to be ashamed of. True weakness lies elsewhere.
* When not close by, one is even closer.
* Chase two birds, and you catch two birds.
* People who steal things, lose something even more important.
* It is enjoyable to eat something delicious, but the greatest joy comes from the time spent waiting for it.
* Delicious cooking is alive,you must be nonchalant about it.
* No matter what condiment, no matter what ingredient, there is something greater and that's love of the person creating the food.
* There are no bad restaurants or bad experiments in this world.
* Fancy food does not taste good. No matter what truth you try to hide, you cannot hide it.
* If you wish it to be so, luck will always be on your side.
* Flowers can make any girl glow.
* All girls are equally beautiful.
* A knife can only bring happiness when used in cooking.
* Fancy flavors cannot hide poor cooking.
* It is fun to add a secret flavor so that no one knows. But... it's more fun to find it.
* Even the devil's whispers can sometimes sound like an angel's voice.
* One that drowns in oneself will eventually fall to darkness.
* Even in a world full only with enemies, there will always be someone you must protect.
* If you receive a little kindness, give them a large serving.
* Imitating others is not bad, for it's how we recognize ourselves.
* Once you know the real thing... you won't be fooled by an imitation.
* Children are treasures. The greatest sin in this world is to damage those treasures.
* Angels descend during meals, for it is a sacred time.
* There are two things a man must never do. One is to not make girls cry...The other is to not handle food so crudely!
* The sun is wonderful, it can make even the dirt shine.
* Life is a long path to a goal. Drop your heavy luggage and enjoy walking with your hands empty.
* Men must be cool. Boiling water is but vapor.
* The wishes of the children are the future's reality...Adults that laugh at such dreams are no longer human.
* A bond is a deep connection that can never be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are still connected.
* My evolution is faster than the speed of the light. There is nothing in the whole universe that can keep up with my evolution.
* The justice is myself.

Kutipan dari si tendou ini sangat terkenal... dia selalu menyebut2 neneknya, di tiap kutipan2nya.... buset... neneknya sungguh bijak luar biasa...

Kamen Rider Blade

Kenzaki (Blade):
"I want to protect people who suffer"
Tachibana (Garren):
"I want to become stronger"
Hajime (Chalice):
"I wonder if all of you human can defeat me"

Kamen Rider Decade

Tsukasa eps 3 (Kuuga World)
"The man is fighting so that no one else need to fight. Even when plunged around in his darkness, he wants to make others smile. That what Yusuke believes. If he protects smile, then I will protect his smile."

Tsukasa eps 5 (Kiva world)
"Wataru believes in the law, that human and fangire can live together. But you gave up. You lost to your own weakness and forsook the law. But he fight for what those who believe. That's not a dream, that is what the qualification of the King!"

Tsukasa eps 9 (Blade world)
Joker said, "Rider just BOARD employee, they raise their ranks and only work to receive payment."
Tsukasa, "Money and prestige have dazzled your eyes. You are noveau richie bastard. At the very least, Kendate works not for money, not for ranks, or especially not to beat down his comrade in an employee survival race. But for evolution. Fall or succeed, the comrade he works with support and help each other. They evolve together, that's why he works. "

Tsukasa eps 17 (Kabuto World)
"Grandmother said this: 'Looking isn't enough to know the broth's flavor', right? Don't be deseive by appearances, Mayu. Kabuto always trying to defeat Worm mimicking himself."
Otogiri said, "That woman is Worm. She has nowhere to return. And, you drawn each other because you're both weak."
Tsukasa, "Wrong! There is only one place in this world, even if everyone in this world was an enemy, there is a place where one'sfamily waiting for one's return. And in this world only one man, even if everyone in this world was an enemy, Kabuto will fight for his family. In a dimension beyond the reach of anyone's voice, he bore his loneliness to protect everyone. So, Kabuto is always stronger than all others. You have the same face, but you are nothing compared to him."

Kaito eps 19 (Hibiki world)
"If you have the motivation, I don't think anything in this world is imposibble. First, you have to start moving. If you move, something will start."

Tsukasa eps 21 (Nega world)
Otoya said, "you can have anything you want here, all sorts of pleasures and joys. Stay here, you're journey is over."
Tsukaa, "Wrong! Everyone is searching for a world where they belong. A place of light, free of falsehood. We are continuing journey to go there. We mustn't be afraid of this journey. No one has rights to corrupt or use that journey. "

Tsukasa bagaikan seorang yang benar2 telah banyak makan asam garam, hingga bisa mengucapkan berbagai kata2 bijak seperti itu... luar biasa...
Dan yang paling terkenal adalah:
"Toori Sugari no Kamen Rider.... Oboitoke... (Just Passing through kamen rider... remember it!""

Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz)

Hey, do you know? when you have a dream... sometimes its really painful... and sometimes you get really fired up. Or so i hear..

I don't have a dream. But, you know, I can protect dreams.

Kamen Rider W

Omae Tsumi wo kazoero = Count all of your sins

Kamen Rider Black

Kotaro Minami : "ini pasti ulah GORGOM!!!"
"Mempermainkan Nyawa manusia....! Tak bisa dimaafkan!!"
Trus di endingnya,pas kotaro naik motor pergi, narrator : "Berjuanglah, Ksatria Baja Hitam!"
ngakak deh kalo inget yang satu ini...

well, sejauh ini masih segini quotes terkenal dari kamen rider yang berhasil saya kumpulkan.... ada yang bisa menambahkan??

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