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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yozakura Quartet: Yarizakura Hime

yozakura quartet cosplay - yarizakura himeA 16-year-old girl with supernatural powers, Yarizakura Hime became the mayor of her city when she was just a small child. Hime is said to be the human form of an ancient dragon. However, she asked Shinatsuhiko Yae to place a seal on her so that she can have a better perspective from a human’s point of view as well as a youkai’s. Although her grandmother was “tuned” by Akina’s grandfather, she treasures the long scarf made by Akina which covers the remnants of the seal on her neck.

Cute cosplay! I’ve never really heard of this series, but I really love the color of her eyes and hair! Thanks to Megan for sending this in!

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