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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vampire Knight: Kageyama Kasumi

vampire knight cosplay - kageyama kasumi by michiakiThe President of Yuki’s and Zero’s Class, Kageyama Kasumi is one of Ruka’s biggest fans. He was upset when Yuki got a failing grade in their exams because she pulled their class average down to the lowest rank in the entire level. Their class was then assigned to decorate the hall for Cross Academy’s Dance Festival, which made Kageyama think that he would not be able to dance with Ruka that night. Despite his best efforts in finishing their class duties as soon as possible, Ruka still turned him down, choosing to dance with Kain Akatsuki instead.

One of the minor characters from Vampire Knight, but I had wished he had more screen time. I was actually glad to see that ~Michiaki took the time to make this cosplay! Thanks also to ~Efryee, the photographer!

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