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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Princess Tutu: Princess Tutu and Princess Kraehe

princess tutu cosplay - princess tutu by genki-uhinagiku and princess kraehe by miaka2u

Rivals in winning the love and favor of Prince Mytho, Princess Tutu will stop at nothing to retrieve her beloved Prince’s shattered heart, while Princess Kraehe will stop at nothing to prevent returning his heart shards fearing she will lose him to someone else. Princess Tutu loved the Prince unselfishly and, despite knowing she would disappear once she confesses her love for him, fulfilled her duty that he may find true happiness and smile once more. Incidentally, Princess Kraehe loved the Prince ever since childhood, as the Prince once defended her from the Ravens.

Two Princesses who love the same Prince in different yet similar ways. Twins Genki-uHinagiku and Miaka2u are the cosplayers behind the lovely Princesses. They apparently spent more than 500 hours each on their costumes with beautiful results!

First debuted in AWA 2009! To view more of their photos, please visit their Live Journal post. Thanks to Rashaka for sending this in!

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