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Friday, June 18, 2010

Clef Cosplay

Hinamori Amu- Shugo chara!

Candy Neige- Candy Candy

Bulma- Dragon Ball Z

Ryofu- Ikki Tousen

Rin Tohsaka- Fate/stay night

Chibi moon-Sailor Moon

Rikku-Final Fantasy X-2

Tinkerbell-Peter Pan

Alice- Alice's adventures in wonderland

Dinah Drake-Black Canary

Hermione Granger- Harry Potter

Antik lolita-Original


Loli Bunny-Original

Sweet Lolita- Original

*Name: Laurence

* Nick: Clef or Clefchan, clefchan is more for internet ( because Clef's nickname is never available when I suscribe on websites) But the real one is Clef

* Nationality: French

* Occupation: Graphic designer/illustrator for games, posters, comics etc...

* Age: Ouch, is it something I really have to answer? People know I'm not that and young and fresh, however let's say I'm in my late 20s.

* Birthday: April 6, aries, sign of fire^^

* Height: I'm a midget, 153 cm, the perfect size to cosplay fairies like think!^^

* Favorite Color:Mmm there is no ONE favorite but severals: pink, yellow, green, blue and black. those are the colors I like to have on my clothes

* Favorite movie: Same than the previous qustion, there is a lot, for example: hellboy, jurassic parc, batman, Predator ( the 2 first ones), alien, that kind of guy's stuff.^^ and disney's movies of course

* Band / artist favorite music: errrhhhh....dunno... original soundtracks frome movies essentially oh and I like Mickael Bubble ( don't even know the correct spelling)

*Favorite book: asking for favorites are very hard questions you know?, can't reply to that one, I read to much book in my life^^,,,,, I reallly don't know

* Food and drink:.....Let's enumerate the food I don't like instead, it'll be easier: green peas, fennel, raw fish and alcohol. I like almost everything else at the same level.(maybe fish a bit less)

* Hobby: Dawing and cosplaying^^ what a suprise!
* Favorite anime series: I'm stuck with the oldies: sailor moon and DBZ, I 'm a big fan of berserk too.

* Favorite Mangas: Berserk

* There are some anime characters with which you feel identified?
Smiling, funny and energetic characters and cute too.

* How many costumes did you do and what were they?
I can't make a list of my costumes and what year I wore them, it would be too long and I have work to do^^. I guess I did by 35-36 costumes so far. Not that much compared to some crazy cosplayers^^

* What is your favorite?
Rikku from KH2, finn fish from KKJ, alice and tinkerbell

* How and how long you're in the world of cosplay?
I started in January 2002

* what is your inspiration to do cosplay ?
I just feel like making a costume when I see a characer I like.

* What was your first cosplay and why?
Wooouch. Kid from Chrono cross. Because she was a bit like me, but the costume was awfull. I could redo her if i wanted, she is a bit rikku like and she is the kind of character I fit the best, but I gained to much weight lately, I don't wanna show my stomach anymore^^

* Why do you do cosplay?
Fun, personnal accomplishement when you finish something you struggle on ( I'm not very good at sewing....sadly) and of course cosplay makes you feel better when people like you. 10 years ago, I was a bit of a tomboy, nobody liked me, , I didn't like me neither. By the time I started cosplay , things got reversed. Now I'm a lot more confident in myself and looking like a proper girl.

*When you choose a character to the project, do it for the costume or the character that identifies you?
Most of the time it is for a character I like and which has a personnality that looks like me. Im' very bad at sewing, so I can't pick costume just for the costume, because I know I won't be able to make it, I prefere to be very motivated on a character I like to make the costume better.

*Do You think it's necessary to act like the character when you have the costume or just in the presentation?
Yes it is, You have to be like an actor in theater, act like the character, pose like the character but just for the time you wear the costume ( it includes wearing costumes and skits on stages), but after that, don't forget your are you first.^^

* You ever participated in cosplay contests?
Sometimes, I'm too stressed to participate each time there is a contest, and my costumes are not complicated enough to compete with the elite of french cosplay, so I prefere to wear my costumes just for pictures.

* Did you win a prize?
I remember getting a prize with my first rikku, ooowww, it was like... in 2003. and I got picked to participate to the first and third world cosplay summit. I think that's it.

* Do you make your costumes or need help?
Most of the time, I make all my costumes myself. However I bought my alice costume, I didn't have time to make it by the time I ordered it and I wanted to prove myself I could look like her ( not proove myself if I was able to make the dress, that is why) I asked a bit of help when I started, my roommate helped me with instructions on patterns.

* Where you buy your wigs and other accessories?
Mostly on ebay for the wigs and shoes, I can search during months before buying THE wig I want, same for shoes. Often,I make my acessories ( like jewelry)
* With what materials you like working for the cosplay?
no preference

* What is your favorite fabric?
Something my sewing machine can sew without making a carnage.

* What was your last costume?
the past week end, I wore my new version of my tinkerbell costume ( the autumn one from tinkebell and the lost treasure) and I did android 18 from DBZ as well.

* Have you ever made a group, what was your experience?
I don't like groupes with a bunch of people, there is always troubles, so now I cosplay only with 1 to 4 friends I really like and that I know I can count on. that's it

* What is your definition of' ''cosplayer’’?
Hu....wearing a costume of a character you like or a costume you like? if you make it yourself or buy is not a problem, I think people can do whatever they want as long they have fun and enjoy it. the only thing, I guess is bad, is when someone proclaim that he did the costume althought it is not true. What is the point of acting like that?

* What is your next project?
I'm working on a power girl costume and sailor iron mouse costume, I'm also planning to make a giselle cosplay ( from enchanted) since several people told me I looked like her, I want to prove it is not the case, I don't look like her at all^^

* What advice would you give the new cosplayers?
Be perfectionnist.

* What would do you say to your fans around the world?
Ewww..... dunno, that's cool? I didn't even know I had fan's all around the world.^^

Thank you Clef very much for answering this interview
you're welcome!

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