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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Twelve Kingdoms: Renrin

unknown cosplay 53 / the twelve kingdoms cosplay - renrin aka ren taihoI had to skip last week's Unknown Cosplay Section because I didn't have any more unknowns until today.

I found this photo in my old hard drive. I didn't even know I still had cosplay photos in there! This is quite possibly very old already, so anyone's guess with who this girl is cosplaying is as good as mine.

Yes, I have absolutely no idea who the character is, so feel free to discuss this over at the comments section!

Also, we have the final results in Cosplay Holic's Poll! 168 votes total in only 30 days! You guys are amazing! Thanks for taking the time to vote! The winning vote is for me to update twice a day with 42%, and the runner up is the regular update of once a day at 36%!

cosplay holic poll - 05292010I honestly don't know if I have enough cosplays from you guys to maintain a twice a day update, but I promise I will work very hard to reach this goal! For now, though, I may need to stick to once a day. That twice a day option was suppose to be a joke, but I guess the joke's on me now!

Thanks again to everyone who voted and especially to those who send me cosplay photos! Until the next update!

EDIT: Thanks to Reichan for commenting this character is Renrin also known as Ren Taiho from the series "The Twelve Kingdoms"!

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