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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fushigi Yugi: Yuki Miaka 02

fushigi yugi cosplay - yuki miaka 02 by claireMiaka is the series' protagonist who initially wanted to become Suzaku no Miko in order to use one of the wishes to ensure her entrance to the high school of her choice with her friend, Hongo Yui. As she began to gather the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku to summon the god, however, she falls in love with Tamahome, the first of the seven warriors she meets. She then begins to learn more about the world of the Book of the Four Gods, as well as her own world and her friendship with Yui.

Cosplayer Claire was first seen in this costume in the Philippine event known as "Cosmeet"! Mr. De la Cerna is the photographer behind this beautiful shot, and Tamy was the one who forwarded Claire's profile to me. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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