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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ozine Fest 2010 : Day 3

Here are some of my captured photos last April 11, 2010 at the SM Megatrade Hall Center. Cosplay as Cloud of Final Fantasy 7

K-pop / J-pop contest - Hello K Project

Hello K Project at Ozine fest 2010 - inspired by Mr of Kara


Video Clip of "Mr" by Kara


Final Fantasy - Cloud


Yoshimitsu of Tekken

Sherk versus anime

cosplay as plants vs zombies

Soul Eater

Jia Gold Bustamante cosplay as Rider of Fate Stay Night


Live Audition of PLDT Watchpad Crew

Optimus Prime outside the ozine alloted area

Ranka Lee of Macross

Lupin host the Jack and Jill eating contest on the second stage.

Maid Cosplay


Frontista artist dares event visitors to hold for a 2 minutes kiss as a donation exchange.

From Frontista formerly Front Act of TV 5 and now transfered to RPN 9 as Frontista Forever. Every Saturday at 4:30 PM.

Goku versus Bleach Team GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka

cosplay as ERAP para sa Mahirap for President

Cosplay out from Dragon Ball Z

Black Angel - Jin of Tekken Dark Resurrection

Ms. Captain America .

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