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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bleach: Neliel Tu Oderschvank 06

bleach cosplay - neliel tu oderschvank 06At first thought to be nothing more than a lost child in Hueco Mundo, Neliel is actually Tia Halibel's predecessor; a full-grown woman with a ram-horned hollow mask and a large "3" tattooed on her back. She is perhaps the most honorable among the Espada, sparing weak opponents whenever she could. however, this ideology caused her downfall, as Nnoitora Jiruga attacks her from behind during a duel and, with the help of Szayelaporro, manages to crack her mask. The duel left Neliel in her child-like form and gave her to have amnesia, allowing Nnoitora to expel her from the Espada.

A rather daring cosplay from MoeHaku 2010! She really has Nel's look down. I wonder if she had a hard time walking with just stockings? Thanks to Misha for sending this in!

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