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Monday, March 15, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

I've been recieving a lot of emails lately, and it's about time I address some of the questions you've all been asking me. So here goes...

Who are you?

My real name is Columbia Kho, and my Chinese name is 許 美美. I started writing about cosplayers in a Sanriotown Blog as a hobby back in June 2007 and got addicted to searching for cosplayers and writing up about their anime counterparts ever since.

Have you ever cosplayed yourself?

No, though I've worn my fair share of Japanese school girl uniforms and french maid outfits. I've never seriously cosplayed as of yet. The cosplayers I feature are far too intimidating..!

You can read Chinese and Japanese?!

...a little. 因為我母親是中國人啦~! Japanese, I'm trying to learn by myself. I think I should take classes for both languages soon!

Isn't the Japanese name of Cosplay "コズプレ" (kosupure) without the イ (kosupurei)?

That's correct! However, when I created Cosplay Holic, "kosupure" was already taken, which is why I decided to use kosupurei instead.

Where do you get your cosplay photos?

I started out with some of the pictures I had collected from the internet and took some of my own in anime conventions. Soon afterwards, my readers started sending in their own photos / pictures they saw on the internet and asked me to feature those, too.

Could you feature this cosplay or cosplayer that I have/know?

Yes, you can contribute as many photos as you'd like! Send them to!

Can I request a cosplay of _____ from the series _____?

Yes, you may! Just send in your requests to

If I send in my photo, does that mean I'll be automatically featured?

That really depends. I post cosplay pictures of people I like, but I'm quite easy to please.

Can you help me decide who to cosplay as? Or maybe give your opinion about my cosplay?

I'm not a cosplay expert, but I will definitely do my best! Just send your photos to, but remember to indicate whether or not I can feature you on the site!

Why do you post only low resolution images even though I gave you a high resolution one?

That's because Cosplay Holic was created as a reference site only, and the photos are mostly not mine. I prefer to link the photos back to the cosplayer's or the photographer's site. If that's not available, then I link it to the contributor's image host.

Why did you delete my comment(s)?!

I deleted them because they contained one of the following:

  1. Foul language, spam, flames, critiques, and other negative comments.
  2. Links to other sites. However, this rule is forfeited when the links are posted for references to cosplays in the Unknown Section, and on cosplay features that need corrections.

Can we exchange links?

For now, link exchanges are open! Link Cosplay Holic to your blog or website then send your link exchange request at!

Why aren't you updating Nanao's Cosplay Research anymore?

Sanriotown bought the blog and all of its previous contents from the blog's beginnings until February 25, 2010 from me, as they wanted to try and update it themselves. We came to an agreement, and now that blog is being taken cared of by someone else.

And there we have it, folks! If you have any more questions you'd like to add to the F.A.Q. section, feel free to leave a comment or email me at!

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