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Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh, and One More Thing...

So, remember when I said I wasn't going to make a costume for Anime Boston? Yeah, I lied. The day after I wrote that last post, I spoke to my (new! :D) friend from work, and found she was interested in cosplaying. I mentioned that I always wanted to do Souseiseki and Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden with someone, and she was completely on board! I couldn't pass that up. So here I am, making another costume. Wee! I'm going to be Souseiseki and she'll be Suiseiseki. I think it will suit her quite well.

Luckily, she has sewing skills of her own, so I don't have to make two costumes. Also, as far as difficult sewing goes, this costume doesn't have a lot of it. It's pretty basic. The most difficult sewing-related things will be the usual closures (boo) and probably the ruffles.

We're going to do their props as well, because it really adds something to their character, I think. They should be fun. I've always wanted to wield giant scissors!

Sewing will commence in about two weeks. I hope to have gathered everything I need before then so I don't have to keep running out in the week before the con.

Next up, I'll be writing a post on costume planning. I hope someone finds it useful!

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